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For Celebrating the Lighter Side of BSG

Community For Celebrating the Lighter Side of BSG
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This community is all about FUN. It is for fans of both the current version as well as the 1970's classic version. Silliness is the name of the game here. There are no sacred cows, and nothing from either show that is off limits to be poked fun at.
* Constructive criticisms of either show are acceptable, but no TNS vs TOS arguments will be tolerated.
* You don't have to love *everything* about both shows {Hector & Vector are fair game for target practice :)}, but respect for both shows is mandatory.
* Hotlinking - don't. If you post a picture, use your own bandwidth.
* No nudity/porn. If it's the type of content that would you get you fired for viewing it at work, don't post it or link to it here.

Flaming will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued upon 1st offense. Members will be banned upon 2nd offense. No appeal.
* Differing opinions are completely welcome and encouraged, but disrespect toward other opinions will be regarded as flaming.
* Insults directed at cast members, writers, or producers of either show are not allowed. This includes name-calling.
* Characters sometimes do things that are worthy of criticism, and when that happens, fire away, but if it goes overboard or involves offensive language this could also be considered flaming.
* Political humor is by its very nature inflamatory, and is intended to insult those with opposing political viewpoints. Therefore, jokes poking fun at real life political figures, world leaders, religious leaders etc. are not allowed. This is not the forum to go making political statements.
* Profanity is not allowed. BSG has very kindly provided us with acceptable substitutes. Use those instead.

**** Who makes the final decision regarding what is flaming, disrespectful, or offensive? I DO.

* Members will be respectful of the wishes of other members to remain spoiler-free if they chose. This is especially pertinent since BSG does not air concurrently all around the world.
* Spoilery content (by way of text or image) should always be placed behind a cut, with a warning provided in front of the cut.
* No spoiler warnings are needed for: BSG-classic, BSG-TNS Season 1 and 2.
* Season 3 content will be considered spoiler material until it has aired in both the US and UK.

Feel free to gush, but this is an all-inclusive, mulit-ship friendly community. Shippers of all kinds are welcome, and consequently respect for all ships is mandatory. Flaming against any ship will not be tolerated.